Each session is between 2 - 2.5 hours long and is done at Linda's Reiki studio in the Highland Park area of northeast Los Angeles. 






Reiki energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and can be very effective. Choose from a 15

or 30 minute session. You will speak on the phone to discuss your issue and get set up, receive the Reiki energy, then speak again afterwards for feedback and questions. Most of the work Linda does for hospitalized patients, pets and children is done with this method.






Whether you'd like to schedule several sessions to tackle an issue, want quarterly "tune-ups" to maintain health, create family or group packages or treat an illness over time, Linda offers discounted packages to accommodate your needs and goals.






Buildings can absorb and accumulate things like fear, worry, anger and other energies that you may not want there. Linda will use sage and sound to clear out negative and past energies from your home or office and infuse Reiki energy and customized, positive intentions. Clearings usually take between 20 - 60 minutes and the price is based on square footage.





All services are by appointment only and payable by check, cash or credit card upon completion.  

There will be a small additional charge to cover credit card fees.​





Linda does not teach Reiki, but her name tends to come up in web searches with the words "reiki class los angeles" so we're taking the opportunity to address it here. Reiki can be of tremendous help when you, a family member or friend are in need of healing. When learning Reiki, your life can expand in 

wonderful and sometimes challenging ways so it's important that you learn from a reputable, responsible teacher. 


Linda highly recommends learning from her mentor Arleta Soares. As a longtime healer and former hospital administrator, Arleta provides her students with valuable information and experience in using healing energycombining Reiki and western medicine and using essential oils, sound and healing crystals. Many Reiki teachers cover level I and II in one weekend. Ms. Soares's courses provide a structured, thorough training experience, spanning a full weekend (plus 1-6 evenings) per course. You'll be tested on your skills and knowledge and be welcomed into a supportive Reiki community. You'll be asked to attend healing nights to gauge how you're doing / put in what's missing and if you want to learn the next level, she will offer the opportunity when she knows you're truly ready. For more information on her classes, visit

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