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“My father recently suffered a major heart attack and underwent an angioplasty and two stent placements.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the rigorous training she went through and her incredible work ethic.  Within hours of Linda beginning, my father told my mother that he experienced a calming and healing presence without any explanation (he did not know that Linda had begun her Reiki already).  The next day, he had an EKG and the results immediately showed that the front muscle affected directly by the artery blockage had recovered (which often does not happen after a heart attack - it often dies leaving the heart permanently weakened). It’s impossible to say what factors were involved with his recovery but my father believes (as I do) that Linda’s work had a positive impact on his recovery. Open your heart and mind to Linda’s services.  I can personally attest to her talent, spirit and goodwill.”

— Kevin Lew, project manager


“I recently underwent lung transplant surgery and Linda provided reiki from day one in the ICU. Linda’s Reiki healing was so effective, I met my milestones early: waking up from the surgery, eating solid food, being moved out of ICU to a recovery room, I was even discharged 3 days before the surgeon had predicted.  My anesthesiologist, who knew I almost didn’t make it, had heard such great things about my recovery, he had to come and see me for himself.  As we talked he looked like he was talking to a ghost, he couldn’t believe how great I was doing.  The healing work Linda did for me was painless, profound and absolutely priceless.”

— Capt. James L. Heavey, U.S. Navy


“My experience with Linda was far more than I expected. For many years I had struggled with a variety of maladies including depression and fibromyalgia.  When I met Linda, she was welcoming and easy to talk with, very compassionate, open, and clearly focused on doing her best to provide help. I felt such a deep sense of relaxation and sense of calm that I truly did not want to move. I spent the evening and night in a deep state of relaxation and inner calm unlike anything that I had ever experienced or could have imagined for myself. I was very impressed with Linda as a businesswoman as well. She was professional, responded to my phone calls in a very timely manner and was very helpful and accommodating with her schedule. I recommend her services without reservation.”

— Steve V., technology entrepreneur



"Absolutely amazing!!! I have had bad back issues this past year with a grade 2 Spondylolisthesis and degenerated disc at L5S1 which has kept me in a great deal of pain. I have spent a lot of time and money on chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage only to get a bit of relief at times. I've had many sleepless nights and a tough time staying positive when the pain is bad. Yesterday I had my first visit with Linda. Her studio is really cool, I got a great vibe just being there. We spent the first hour talking about my medical and emotional challenges. She gave me some great insight and some tools to work with when I left. We discussed our intentions for the session and summerized the items that she would focus on for healing. During the Reiki session I was so relaxed and went into a deep sleep. When I woke I felt good, I still had a bit of pain in my lower back and sciatica. As the day went on I suddenly realized that I was pain free and I got the best nights sleep in a long time! I hadn't felt this good in over a year with all the work I have done. I feel so grateful and blessed to have found her. Thanks to all the great reviews below. Everyone is spot on. Linda is truly gifted. I would recommend her to everyone. Please try her first before you break the bank with any other form of healing."                              

                                                                                                                         — Samantha S., senior marketing director

“I went to see Linda because I had tried many different ways to heal from the trauma of childhood sexual assault but I couldn’t let go of the anger, blame and regret. I waffled between feeling like a victim and thinking I was responsible (so that I had some control over what had happened). I was tormented by my past and it defined me as a person. Going to Reiki for the first time, I wasn’t expecting to be released of so much hurt, but I was. Linda instantly put me at ease when I met her, feeling more like a long time friend than a person I had just met. When she opened my heart chakra, I felt the anger and pain leave me and I physically saw it leaving with my mind’s eye and I suddenly could take a deep breath. It was so strange realizing I had been shallow breathing for so long! I’m very logical and left brained so I can’t explain this or even fully understand it, but the results are amazing and I can’t deny them. I now see what happened in my youth the same way I would see being in a car accident. I didn’t cause it, I wasn’t to blame and I responded to it the best I could at the time and in the years that followed while trying to deal with it. It no longer defines me and I no longer feel like I have the weight of a dirty secret. I wish every survivor could experience this release of the past to see who they are now and how amazing they are without the clouding of holding on to past hurts.”

— Corissa S.


“Linda is amazing. My work began with her about a month ago. Stress had run my mind, body and soul into the ground. After my first session, I felt more relaxed than I have in a very long time. I was thinking more clearly and able to be in the moment without feeling anxious. My partner even noticed the difference. Linda is thoughtful, caring and truly gifted. You must embrace this treatment with an open heart and mind. I’m excited to see more results and how much better life will be for me and those around me.”

— Michele S., grade school administrator


“I have been to several Reiki practitioners over the years (I also do Reiki myself). She is by far the BEST I’ve encountered in Los Angeles. I tend to get kinks in my neck and joint problems from years of performing and a car accident a couple of years ago. I felt so much better after I went to Linda. She’s very understanding and kind as well!”

— Lorraine M.


“Linda was a great source of relief from suffering for our gravely ill mother. The results of her therapy were immediately apparent and brought comfort, peace, and calm to all of us during a most challenging and painful time.”

— Brian McCarthy, general contractor


“First I was interested in taking Reiki lessons, but I also felt need to receive a Reiki session because I had been so distracted to be present and uncertain about my situation in career and a place to live. Somehow, she stood out in the big list of Reiki Masters, so I decided to trust my instinct. When I met Linda, I got the impression that she was very bright, clear, kind, and down to earth, and I instantly felt comfortable. While she was giving me the Reiki session, I felt / saw some white thing leaving my body, and I felt lighter right away. When she finished, my body was filled with warmth and felt fulfilled and happy. From the next day, I’ve been centered and very very productive on my work !! She recommended me her teacher and I signed up to take Reiki class. By meeting Linda, I could trust who I should learn Reiki from. I had been looking for for a long time. : ) I’m so glad I met Linda. I highly recommend her!”

— Rie T., motion graphics designer


“At first, I was skeptical of Reiki and it’s usefulness. I believe in mind over matter, but I’ve never had any Reiki sessions to see any benefits.  My sister-in-law’s mother, Peggy, was going in for a mastectomy and the whole family was praying for her.  She lives in Kentucky, so I asked Linda if she could do a remote Reiki session.  Peggy and Linda talked over the phone, she eased her into a state of calmness that Peggy had been lacking due to stress of the illness.  Once she was relaxed, she concentrated on the area that needed healing.  Peggy said she felt a quick pain at a certain point, and Linda did, too!  Rather than needing a mastectomy, the doctor was able to only do a lumpectomy, which is removing only the tumor itself and not an entire area!  Peggy is in good health and healing very well.  This was 4 months ago, and she is still going strong and able to fully enjoy her life and grandsons, cancer free!  You’ve made a believer out of me! Thank you, Linda.”

— Lynh Haaga, fashion and accessories designer


“Linda’s Reiki treatment was miraculous. I had an upper respiratory infection and sinus infection that weren’t going away. I had been on anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and I had had a CT scan and an MRI. The doctor was saying that I’d have to just wait it out, but I have a full private practice as a psychotherapist and a full house of children! Linda worked on me with grace and patience. She educated me and included me. At the end of the treatment, which I received in the evening, I slept better than I had for months, and woke up rejuvenated. Later that week I was able to go on a major family trip and I was skiing, snowshoeing and horseback riding - and I felt great! I will easily put Linda at the top of my healing list!”

— Briar Grossman, psychoanalytic psychotherapist


“I have only had 2 sessions but so far- my life has changed dramatically. I initially went to Linda for severe ear pain, ear pain that leads to Bells Palsy. Once you’ve had it, the infection lays dormant - it lasts for about a month and is only curable by steroid (pretty awful). Upon meeting Linda, I was immediately encouraged by her warm, kind energy. She immediately noted that in her practice she does not believe Reiki should take the place of medicine, something I really appreciated. As the session began, my ear pain went away immediately. Following the first session, my ear pain came back only once. But just over 2 1/2 months since my first session I am thrilled to say I have not gotten bells palsy. I am so grateful for Linda, she has helped me bring so much positivity, joy and happiness to my life. If you are in need of any type of healing please call Linda, I feel so lucky to have her in my life and wish everyone the same!”

— Lauren K.


“I had my first session with Linda 4 days ago and a problem with my foot that had been impairing my running training has disappeared!!! In addition, Linda is such a wonderful person to work with, she made me SO comfortable discussing the issues I want to work on, physical and otherwise. I have already given her info to a couple of friends.”

— Patti O.


“My one session with Linda relieved me of the pain in both my knees. I am now able to sit for extended periods of time, bend my knees and run without having any pain whatsoever. I am not sure how reiki really works but it worked on my knees. If I were to have a pain in the future, I would definitely consider visiting Linda again.”

— Andrea P.


“In the past, the western medical doctors I have gone to for my back issues and pinched nerves have left me without results and with large bills to pay.  I live in Illinois, but I saw that she could help me remotely from Los Angeles, so I contacted her.  Linda is very professional, but caring as well - she truly wants to help and cares about the results you get!  After 2-15 minute remote sessions, about 1 1/2 weeks apart I feel 70% better - over 10 years of messing with this pain - I am so grateful for the relief!!! I am going to continue with Linda until I am at 100%. I am truly blessed to have found her, and am excited to be able to refer my friends and family to her!”

— Elizabeth N.


“Linda is truly amazing! We connected from thousands of miles away, and I must admit I was skeptical initially.  I have Hypothyroidism and have been taking 100mcg a day in between my pregnancies. After Linda and I communicated about what I needed to verbally address in regards to my wish to begin the healing process of my thyroid, she began her Reiki healing remotely from L.A.  For the first time since I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, my doctor lowered my dose by double! Now I take 75mcg of levothyroxine daily and it has totally changed my world... Now I have more faith than ever that my thyroid can and will be totally healed! And that’s worth more than gold :) Thank you Linda for focusing your healing on me!”

— Vessy Mink, singer/songwriter


“I was at the emergency room with my sister-in-law who was on the verge of passing away.  I watched my brother silently grieving as she made no signs of being able to hear him speak.  I sent a text message to request support and Linda responded immediately.   The next day, my sister-in-law opened her eyes, spoke to my brother and her sisters and brothers.  She was able to say everything that needed to be said to everyone in her life.  The next day, she passed away peacefully.  I know Reiki is not a cure, and neither is it medicine - what I do know is that it makes a difference in whether the experience you are going to have is going to be negative or positive.  I am clear the peaceful completion we had with my sister-in-law was positively influenced by Reiki.”

— Susan H., IT professional


“It wasn’t long after moving into a new space that my husband and I realized we had a spirit living with us. I heard a disembodied voice mocking a friend who was visiting and my husband heard some things too. Linda came to visit and immediately noticed this being and identified it’s intimidating presence, without any mention about it’s nature from my husband or me.  When she came use Reiki to clear the space, I admit I was skeptical, as it was my first experience with Reiki. Neither my husband or I have heard from or felt anything negative in our space since Linda came in with her expertise.  I thought of house cleaning as mopping and doing dishes, but maybe there are other things that should be cleaned regularly too.  Linda explained the phenomenon of residual energies, energy from the past that sticks around with out having an outlet to escape through.  I think Linda knows what she is doing.  My thanks goes out to Linda Graveline for her years of training and practice in Reiki and clearing the place I now call home.”

— Sarah Christensen, painter


“I came to Linda for help with my sinuses - they’ve been congested for as long as I can remember, I just kept living with it.  Linda cleared them up quickly and I was clear for 4 days.  I couldn’t believe how EASY it was and that I didn’t have to take any drugs.  She continues to do Reiki for me on a regular basis. I can’t imagine going back to decongestants.”

— Derek Goodwin, Owner - C4 Music Lab


“I became very ill for a period of time. Linda did a reiki session and it was the first time in weeks that my body relaxed and I actually started to feel better. She took such good care of me keeping in mind what my body really needed. I was finally able to peacefully rest. It was like a jump start to my recovery.”

— Bethany O., college student


“My experience with Linda was great.  I was suffering from back spasms and after a remote Reiki session with her, my spasms stopped and I was able to function without pain.  She was professional and compassionate and not only did she help provide physical relief but also peace of mind.  I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner.”

— Alexandra Ward, yoga instructor


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