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Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient energy healing modality using the universal life force to effectively balance and heal the mind, body and spirit. This powerful form of alternative medicine enhances the body's ability to relax and heal itself after becoming stressed, encountering trauma and creating a state of dis-ease while restoring Ki (life force energy) into your body, balancing the chakras and removing energy blocks.   


Karuna is a form of energy healing that Linda adds to her Reiki sessions.  It addresses certain aspects of the mind, body and spirit in a different way than Reiki (but very similar) and amplifies healing possibilities tremendously.  It's especially helpful with expediting results and removing energy blocks.  





As long as you're willing to let the issues go, Reiki can help you.  It can be used for a wide variety of situations where a person's energy is out of balance or in a state of dis-ease, whether it's spiritual, emotional, physical or mental. It can help with unlimited issues - here are just a few examples: relieving insomnia and stress, conquering anxiety, indecision, verbal and sexual abuse, arthritis, injuries, inflammation, transforming trauma, anger, fear and depression, healing diseases ranging from Bell's Palsy to breast cancer, thyroid issues or simply maintain good health. Reiki should not replace traditional western medicine if you're ill, but it can be a powerful complimentary tool to speed up the recovery process.





Linda is committed that you experience profound, permanent shifts in the

unbalanced areas of your life and body. Using her coaching and communication

background, she developed a technique to explore the root cause of your issues

and help you overcome inhibiting patterns.  This helps you create new ways to

approach things that haven't worked.  She knows how to address any doubts you

may have and will make sure you feel comfortable, safe and ready to heal. 


Her intention is that when you go back into your life after the energy blocks are

removed, you have new tools to think and act from a more empowered place,

more complete with the past so the issues not only disappear, they don't recur.





You'll start by discussing the health/emotional issues you're experiencing and explore possible causes of the imbalances.  After removing your shoes, you will lie on a Reiki table and Linda will explain what to expect. She'll place her hands on the legs, arms, abdomen and head, sending the Reiki energy through her hands into you. Your job is to simply allow the energy in and be willing to let your issues heal regardless of how long they've existed or how permanent they may seem. When the healing session is complete, she'll "seal" the auric field and you'll discuss what you experienced. Toxins are released during the session, so you'll be asked to drink plenty of water the remainder of the day and Linda will contact you within a week or two for feedback on how you're doing.




Linda was trained by Arleta Soares, a long time healer who has participated in numerous studies on Reiki energy and its effectiveness. As a former hospital administrator, Arleta provides her students with 

invaluable information and experience on combining Reiki and western medicine, and using essential oils, sound and healing crystals. Many Reiki teachers cover level I and II in one weekend. Ms. Soares takes a full weekend (and between 1-6 evenings) per course, making sure each student is understanding the content, progressing, passes a final exam and she supervises them from several months to a year before teaching the next level - when they're ready (not just when they can pay the fee). For more information, see "About Learning Reiki" on the "Services" page.





Reiki is often used to compliment or expedite healing while undergoing western medical treatments. Many hospitals are beginning to include Reiki in their treatments because it's working, in fact Linda assisted her mentor at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) programs at UCLA. There are scientific studies available on Reiki's effectiveness with heart attack victims, cancer and more. 

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